Optimal workshop structures for high-quality service


cotedo consults Austria’s leading multi-brand car dealer during aftersales reorganisation phase

The Austrian car dealership chain Wolfgang Denzel Auto AG has to meet high standards: among the 18 represented vehicle brands, the enterprise features some rather prominent names such as BMW, McLaren, Ferrari and Maserati. Since December 2016, cotedo has been consulting the venerable establishment as a strategic partner during the structural realignment of its aftersales sector.

On behalf of the management, cotedo analyses the structures, procedures and equipment in Denzel’s service. The result is a list of concrete tasks, measures and timings, which enable the enterprise to optimise its aftersales structures in a professional and stringent way. Thus, the Wolfgang Denzel Auto AG can improve its service quality and its customer satisfaction accordingly. Moreover, it is positioned ideally with regard to new challenges like digitalisation and e-mobility, and can look forward to a sound economic growth.


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