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Why Corona has expanded the options for auditing car dealerships

BMW remote audits performed
different countries
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In 2020, the corona virus made regulated, safe travelling impossible. Therefore, cotedo developed a digital audit format for the BMW Group Retail Standards 2018+. It is contactless, easy to implement and readily accepted by car dealerships – even though a remote auditor does not check any less closely.

Challenge: auditing without being on site.

In 2020, cotedo received an order from BMW to audit 500 car dealerships and workshops in eleven different countries in Europe. With the tightening of the corona conditions, doubts grew both at cotedo and at BMW whether extensive travelling was appropriate in times of a global pandemic.

Solution: we developed an over-the-air audit format

A contactless audit is what we need!

Under Dennis Hartmann's leadership, a contactless audit format emerged. It relies on existing means, requires hardly any preparation and is universally applicable. In case of communication difficulties, it is supported by tele-interpreters. The increased use of remote audits has saved both significant travel costs and carbon emissions.

Result: smooth remote audits, cost savings, improved sustainability.

Remote audits cannot always replace an on-site audit. For example, for an authorisation audit of a car dealership, an on-site format is certainly more suitable. But for clearly defined content, an online format can work very well. Helmut Buchwald, auditor and consultant at cotedo, is proud:

By agreeing to the digital audit, BMW has expressed great confidence in our competence. And we are proving through smooth remote audits that this trust is justified.

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