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Many car dealerships are currently facing major challenges. The general change in the automotive industry, changing customer expectations, new technologies and standards, energy costs and sustainability are just some of them.

With our expertise and experience from hundreds of projects, we have been supporting the industry for years. So it was only logical for us to bundle our knowledge and to create cotedo Academy.

Challenge: making knowledge accessible on a broad basis

Yes, in this digital day and age we are all extremely linked up. But in reality things look differently. How can we provide our colleagues in the dealerships with the most important information? Remember, there is not one solution. Car dealerships need a wide range of options.

Solution: targeted knowledge exchange among professionals

Whether remotely from home or on-site at Motorworld Munich: we offer seminars on a wealth of current topics and are happy to share our knowledge.

Result: new know-how, new potentials

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Albert Einstein was right. That's why we use our knowledge to help others do things differently. In mid-January 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming top-class personalities for our first seminar in the iconic venue of Motorworld Munich. The topic: "Human resources work in car dealerships".

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, both finding and retaining qualified and motivated employees is a major challenge. Together we looked at things through the eyes of the applicant and did the reality check. Our participants were enthusiastic.

Our consultants are also present on other platforms, for example see Michael Schlossbauer on the topic of "Help in times of crisis: profitability in aftersales". You can watch the full video at AUTOHAUS next (account required, in German language).

What's next?

Thirsty for knowledge too? You can find out more about our events here. Next dates coming soon.