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High-voltage safety training for Tunisian vehicle experts

years of cooperative work with technical experts pay off
enthusiastic participants
1,500 km
distance easily bridged

Word of our expertise in matters of high-voltage safety has spread as far as North Africa. We were very happy when we received the request to train the organisation of Tunisian motor vehicle experts in June 2023 via video conference. Of course, the presentation required some preparation: experts have different needs than car dealerships and Tunisia is not an everyday destination even for us. But the effort was well worth it – the audience loved it.

Challenge: Experts have to be trained differently than employees of car dealerships

Vehicle experts and car dealerships only seem to move in the same world. In truth, the two groups often have very different levels of knowledge and, above all, different interests. As partners of insurance companies, experts work in car dealerships every day and, among other things, evaluate vehicles involved in accidents. With the increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the roads, more and more of these vehicles are getting involved in accidents. For better high-voltage safety in general it is therefore essential to also train experts and testing organisations.

Solution: A tailor-made training session for exactly this target group

Fortunately, our colleague Michael Schloßbauer has over 30 years of experience in dealing with experts and testing organisations. He edited the training material to perfectly meet the needs of his audience. The content was absolutely safety-relevant and ranged from the charging infrastructure to charging plans, employee safety, test devices and insulated tools to the observation area for high-voltage accident vehicles.

To make sure that his online training didn't become too academic and dry, Michael Schloßbauer included a few shockers:

I showed a picture of an electric vehicle where a technician had simply drilled a hole in the battery! Some listeners turned pale. Or the photo of an SUV with high-voltage damage standing in a pool of water for "controlled burning": the water boiled immediately, of course, but the headlights were still shining despite all the short-circuit safety systems. It became clear to everyone: there is still a great need for learning around the world when it comes to high-voltage safety.

Result: Valuable knowledge, relaxed atmosphere, enthusiastic applause

The relaxed, but nevertheless extremely informative presentation style reached his audience: at the end of the presentation, the camera panned towards the audience in Tunis and Michael Schloßbauer was pleased to receive standing ovations from the 70 or so listeners. We are proud about this appreciation and the trust that is placed in us every time we are asked to hold a training session.

What's next?

We would also be happy to train your employees, too! You can reach us by phone on +49 (0)89 716 77 97 00 and by email: [email protected]