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How to coordinate a move with 18 deep sea containers full of tool equipment

cubic meters
of workshop equipment
years of car dealership experience
18 sea containers

That's when the move of the BMW Niederlassung in Nuremberg to its new premises became quite concrete: the moving van arrived on 08.07.2021. :-) Only joking, of course one truck was not enough here.

Challenge: coordinating where normal relocation companies capitulate

In 2020, the equipment from four branches was pulled together to kit out the workshop of the new BMW Niederlassung in Nuremberg. cotedo was responsible for the workshop from the beginning of the planning period. Shortly afterwards we also took over the evaluation of the existing equipment and organised the relocation. Thousands of pieces of equipment had to be sifted through. But the effort paid off.

In order to save resources, BMW AG decided to equip the 66 workstations of its new branch with the material from four other automobile and motorcycle workshops. This worked out perfectly.

André Glanz was responsible for this major project at cotedo:

We are very pleased that we were able to support BMW AG in the evaluation of their high-quality workshop equipment. cotedo sifted through more than 1,400 equipment parts plus about 12,000 special tools. The effort was worth it: most of the equipment needed was already available and did not have to be purchased.

Solution: workshop knowledge and experience

André Glanz knows:

Moving a car dealership requires workshop knowledge and experience. Because if you don't know where to start, you can easily break something – and the equipment is sometimes very expensive. Therefore, we are very happy that BMW AG has once again put their trust in us and laid their valuable equipment entirely in our hands.

Result: a successful move

The move was calculated to take up 1,500 cubic meters of workshop equipment, which was moved to its new location within three days. That's a whopping 18 ocean-going containers full.

What's next?

Do you also need help planning your car dealership move? You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 716 77 97 00 and by mail: [email protected]