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How charging infrastructure consulting is coordinated for all German BMW and MINI dealers

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The topic of charging infrastructure is much more complex for car dealerships than for anyone else. Here, electric vehicles are not only charged, they are used on a daily basis. This is about the safe handling of electromobility, modified sales and repair processes, the correct assessment of potential hazards – and yes, also about charging vehicles and thus about requirements and energy supply. All of this requires car dealership expertise. As an industry professional, cotedo has been advising all BMW and MINI dealerships and service centers nationwide on behalf of BMW Germany since 2020.

Challenge: charging infrastructure consulting for hundreds of different car dealerships

Electric vehicles have long ceased to be a one-off in car dealerships. Handling them must fit seamlessly into the complex processes of day-to-day operations. It's a good thing that all our consultants come from car dealerships themselves – they know which, how many and where charging points should be installed.

However, the first major hurdle often arises with the energy supply which is often not sufficient for the planned infrastructure. Project manager Thorsten Binder explains:

Closing this gap can be a challenge. But there are good solutions, be it through sensible load management, an extension of the house connection or additional energy sources such as a photovoltaic system. After all, the best charging columns are no use if there is not enough electricity available.

Solution: customised charging options

A sensible charging park must take the specific situation of each dealer into account. This is the only way to make a functional promise for the future.

Dennis Hartmann, head of the cotedo consulting team, stresses the necessity to find a customised solution together with the dealer. After all, only those who can assess the specific needs can determine the best combination in the confusing market of charging options.

The safety aspect must not be overlooked either. A safe repair environment includes not only the right equipment but also specific knowledge of hazard prevention. Electric vehicles also place new demands on premises and buildings: emergency and quarantine areas, safety distances, groundwater protection and insurances need to be considered.

Result: 360° support

Our work for BMW is far from over after the planning period. We support our long-standing customer during the tendering process, the selection of suitable partner companies and the subsequent supervision of implementation, right through to implementation and commissioning.

We are pleased to be able to offer 360° support for this complex topic and would like to thank BMW Germany for the trust that is expressed in this order.

What's next?

Do you also need support in planning the charging infrastructure at your dealership? You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 716 77 97 00 and by mail: [email protected]