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Historic cars require specialist knowledge, we certify the workshops

BMW vintage vehicles on German roads
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BMW and MINI Classic Partners audited

Whether it's a “Baroque Angel” or an Isetta: BMW is enjoying ever-growing popularity among lovers of classic cars. The maintenance of these valuable vehicles is carried out by specialised workshops, which can apply for certification as BMW and MINI Classic Partners since December 2022. Not only did we develop this standard together with the BMW Group, but we have already inspected 16 dealerships in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Challenge: Restorers work with attention to detail, but are often not certified

The 30 years required for the German “H” registration plate for historic vehicles is nothing at all: our auditors often see models from the 1950s or even before that in the workshops of prospective BMW and MINI Classic Partners. Repairing such rarities requires craftsmanship; after all, spare parts are not simply ordered, but lovingly hand-made and assembled. Certification as a BMW or MINI Classic Partner proves that the workshop not only works with passion and skill, but also according to the required standards of the vehicle manufacturer.

Solution: Audits with expertise and respect for performance

Since the current catalogue of specifications has entered into force at the end of 2022, our colleague Thorsten Binder has been on the road in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, visiting 16 workshops to inspect the quality of the repairs and the equipment:

Of course we check whether the required tools are available. However, during our audits we also get an impression of the competence of the business and thus know that with certified BMW and MINI Classic Partners the vehicles are in good hands.

Result: Certified repair quality and valuable information

Certification not only ensures measurable repair quality, which both the owners of historic vehicles and the vehicle manufacturers naturally appreciate. Rather, our aim is that the workshops also benefit directly. This is ensured by our auditors, who are experts themselves and whose valuable tips and information are most welcome by the workshops. The concept is well received, as the enthusiastic feedback from Tomáš Němeček, Managing Director of Auto Base in Prague, proves:

Thank you very much for today's great visit, we had a wonderful day together with BMW Classic. Your contributions helped us a lot.

Of course we are very happy about such high praise! It's a good feeling to know that our joint work means classic vehicles can be on the road for longer. And honestly, what could be more sustainable than driving a car for as long as possible?

What's next?

We have been advising vehicle manufacturers and dealerships with expertise and respect for over 17 years, ensuring manufacturer standards are understood and met. Interested? You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 716 77 97 00 and by mail: [email protected]