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How to provide better soundproofing in the workshop

dB of continuous noise is considered harmful to health
dB is the volume of a running car engine
hours a day are a permanent burden

Imagine a work situation in which the highest level of competence and concentration prevail. Let's say the operating theatre of a hospital. First and foremost, it is quiet there. No surgeon has to shout to communicate. Why should it be any different in a car workshop?

A quiet atmosphere is possible in the workshop, even in the body shop. Ever since our colleague Dennis Hartmann once experienced this for real in a car dealership, we are on a mission ...

Challenge: make the workshop quiet! But how?

There are certainly quieter places than a car workshop. Nevertheless, it must not be the unalterable fate of your mechanics to sadly be deaf at the end of their working lives. Car dealerships can do a lot to reduce noise pollution, for their employees, their customers and also for the environment.

Many measures will cost nothing at all and can be implemented on the spot. This mainly concerns the processes and the working procedures. Raising awareness within the team already goes a long way. For example, closing vehicle and building doors quietly and turning the radio down achieves a significant reduction in noise pollution. And if internal combustion engines don't necessarily have to run, then simply turn them off!

Solution: raise awareness, change behaviour, install soundproofing elements

Of course, the building itself should also be upgraded. Where the workshop ceiling cannot be fitted with soundproofing material, suspended ceiling panels or acoustic cubes provide an effective remedy. Surface elements hanging vertically on the walls or in the room also provide acoustic relief. They look good, too: printed colourful motives have a decorative effect and at the same time strengthen the brand image.

Result: quiet, concentrated work to relieve pressure and create trust

Bring peace and quiet to your workshop. Create a meaningful atmosphere that enhances the quality of life and work for employees, builds trust among customers and also ensures less noise pollution outside the workshop. Because where there's no noise inside, it can't disturb anyone outside either.

What's next?

Noise control is feasible and absolutely sensible. If you need support, we'll be happy to help. You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 716 77 97 00 and by mail: [email protected].