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Audit & Advice, or: What distinguishes us from audit firms

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Of course, in theory, the vehicle manufacturers could send any inspection agency to audit their dealerships. So why do they ask us to do the audits? Because auditing should be more than just checking and unchecking boxes on the checklist. For us, auditing means adding value through understanding the issue, offering viable solutions and making concrete suggestions for implementation.

Challenge: car dealerships need more than checkmarks to evolve

It all starts when we enter the dealership. Where external auditors are perceived as foreign bodies, our auditors are at home. They all come from a dealership and know the structures, processes and also the problems from their own experience.

Where an auditing company can only check whether specified content is present or not, we go one step further. We know the background of the specification and create understanding for its fulfillment. This is only possible because we create new car dealerships and workshops every day – on greenfield sites, but also by refurbishing existing companies. That's why we are credible advisors for both manufacturers and dealers.

Solution: Audit & Advice – credible advisors provide understanding for both manufacturers and car dealerships

An external auditor can only answer "yes" or "no" and will go home with a completed form after the audit. This ultimately determines whether a dealership has passed or failed. Depending on the result, this can cause frustration for the dealer, no good will come from it.

The manufacturer on the other hand only receives a score. No real insight into the situation in which his dealership and service operations find themselves. We, however, ask how and why.

Result: mature dealers and informed manufacturers work together to improve their service quality

Our auditors are incorruptible but perceive themselves as partners – of both manufacturers and dealerships. Increased profitability, efficiency, sustainability and quality are the overarching goals of every conversation we have.

After an "Audit & Advice" day, every dealer will have received a wealth of information. With a quiver full of individual tips, each dealership decides for itself which measures will be implemented, and when and how, and thus decides on its own future.

The vehicle manufacturers, in turn, gain real insights and a realistic assessment of the situation in their sales and service organisation: Only those who know what's going on "out there" can respond accordingly.

What's next?

We would be happy to support you in implementing your audits. You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 716 77 97 00 and by mail: [email protected]