Fulfilling a heartfelt Christmas wish


… before we say good-bye for the holidays

A few days ago we discovered a rather special Christmas tree. It was put up by the Ameron hotel, here in Motorworld Munich. The tree is decorated with lots of transparent baubles. Inside these baubles there are small bits of paper on which the children of a Munich daycare centre have written their Christmas wishes: a storybook, an FC Bayern mug, a musical doll to listen to… Simple things that give great joy to small children.

Us grown-ups regularly go into rhapsodies about all the extraordinary cars and the exciting shops to see here in Motorworld. We could not help but make a contribution. So we decided against presents for our customers this year and use the budget to buy some happiness for the “KITZ” in Munich-Laim.

Lots of the Christmas messages in our letter box describe similar activities. We are very pleased we are not alone, spending money for a good cause instead of business tokens.

In this spirit we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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