Integrating charging infrastructure in car dealerships


How to stay ahead of the game

Electric mobility is finding its way into car dealerships. However, making decisions on new marketing concepts, technologies and types of charging infrastructure can be disconcerting. Dealers and garage owners should adhere to these structured solutions and practical tips.

Car dealers are facing hard decisions these days: they need an entirely new infrastructure for electric vehicles. Marketing concepts, presentation formats, special tools, repair techniques and know-how are all undergoing fundamental changes.

Good news: your electricity bill is not going up
No need to worry about future electricity costs: the charging power for both customers’ vehicles and the dealership’s own fleet can nearly always be generated by economising the processes of the existing business.

However, there are many other questions: kinds of charge points and plugs, labelling, access, billing and – by far the most important question – what will all this cost?

Once a plan has been made, it can still be tricky to put it into reality. Electricity suppliers and charge point manufacturers, providers of accounting systems and cloud solutions, and charger operators need to be harmonised.

What can be done? Practical tips for a successful implementation
• Target-performance comparison: know the current status of your facilities and make informed decisions about possible solutions for the outdoor area, your customer car park, your showroom and the workshop.
• Process profile: have professionals evaluate your energy consumption and its temporal distribution. This is how your residual capacity is calculated. It has a direct influence on your decision in favour of a fast charging solution (DC) or a normal charge point (AC).
• Short paths: specialists should determine the ideal position of your charging points in order to avoid expensive building works, break-throughs or even earthwork.
• Shop cleverly: there are huge differences between the individual types of charge points and also the various providers. Compare prices for better transparency.
• No cable spaghetti, please: demonstration wall boxes should never have visible leads. We recommend wall-mounted models or free-standing solutions with floor tanks.
• Improve your visibility: easy-to-find charge points make your business more attractive. We account for your outdoor communication as early as during the planning phase in order to save costs.
• Additional turnover: make money with your charging facilities. However, your customers charge their cars for free – intelligent, integrated billing systems make the distinction easy.

360° support from your dealership specialist
We examine your business from all sides. Together, we gain an overview of your entire enterprise, your demands and your vision. We evaluate your energy consumption, create tailor-made, economic plans and put them into reality for you.

Make your car dealership fit for electric mobility.


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