German manufacturer of sports cars relies on cotedo


Workshop design manual sets worldwide benchmark

A “pit stop” stands for precision and top-notch technical knowledge. Our client from Zuffenhausen expects nothing less from his retailers around the globe. This is why they provided them with a detailed workshop design manual. It was developed by cotedo in close collaboration with our client’s expert departments.

“Fundamental factors of success like a process-supporting workshop layout and sensible functional vicinities are the basis. Building on that, we designed an ideal repair environment, also by employing industrial concepts of efficiency,” explains cotedo’s COO Dennis Hartmann.

Our partner Michael Schramm, whose architectural firm archiNetwork provided the 3D renderings used in the book, is impressed: “The range of information covers a broad field: dimensions, structural design, even down to facilities and equipment. A detailed navigation tool for planners and building owners.”

The book’s leitmotif is “motorsports”, for a good reason. It will help our client’s service to become faster, more profitable and at the same more environmentally friendly. We are proud that our know-how is contributing to the success of another world-famous brand.


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