Spontaneous communication for car dealers


Thousands of new contacts every day, for little money

Many car dealerships are hardly visible from the outside. Some are concentrating on their interior and seem to have forgotten about their outdoor appearance. Others shy away from the supposedly high costs associated with a new outdoor communication concept. However, it is possible to get your message across without spending a fortune.

Good advice from cotedo for those who are not planning a whole new communication concept but still want more visibility: use spontaneous communication measures like posters, mesh banners or façade beamers. They are easily implemented, do not cost much and can display varying content throughout the year.

The Knopf dealership in Schriesheim is doing the right thing by using its convenient position. A new, illuminated banner in front of the grounds will reach thousands of passers-by every day while the reverse side displays a friendly greeting to the customers in the car park. A very good example for successful spontaneous communication!


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