Better profit margins for car workshops


cotedo presents solutions at “AUTOHAUS Servicekongress”

Service scopes in car workshops are getting lesser while process costs are still at a high level – this is bad news for the profit margin. The process costs must be reduced, but how? cotedo Aftersales expert Dennis Hartmann presented possible solutions for higher margins at the German industry convention “AUTOHAUS Servicekongress”.

Circular pipelines instead of ewers. Specific workplaces instead of obsolete equipment and laborious relocations. Realigning the parts service. More productive workshop layouts – these measures are easily implemented and relieve the valuable productive staff. This means higher earnings for the dealerships: we regularly achieve a long-lasting profit increase of more than 20 %.

cotedo provides professional advice for more than 400 car dealerships in Germany and Europe every year. We would like to say thank you to the AUTOHAUS journal: our presentation was met with great interest.


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