Why cars must go on a hoist before they are repaired


Unplanned increases in the planned work scope are fatal for the garage’s profitability

Some damages can only be detected if a car is lifted up. Take this brake disk: it might look o.k. from the outside but is really wafer-thin on the inside and must be exchanged immediately. Such damages cannot be determined during a cursory check in the car park. They are not noticed until later, when the car is up on the hoist.

This kind of unplanned increase in the work scope is an economic disaster: it unnecessarily keeps the service advisors busy, irritates the customers, blocks the hoists and requires additional parts. Dennis Hartmann, leader of cotedo’s consulting team, advises: “Lift up all incoming customer cars without exception. By doing so, you can qualify your new jobs and integrate them efficiently into the workshop processes. By doing so, you can plan your aftersales business and generate good earnings.”

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