Well-established car dealerships deserve a gentle modernisation


How to introduce contemporary efficiency while respecting company traditions

Taking over an older car dealership means accepting a serious challenge: the historic building structures are too narrow for today’s vehicles, too little has been invested in the past, and the equipment is no longer up to date. This causes long set-up times and in turn, high process costs which are no longer covered by the business volume. A comprehensive refurbishment is due.

This kind of refurbishment demands a mind shift, too. Especially long-serving staff members might have some reservations which should be met with respect. These projects are very dear to us. cotedo puts a lot of effort into finding just the right degree of modernisation for each car dealership, and coaches both management and staff in preparation for changeover.

The objective is always the same: future-oriented structures and modern facilities making for maximum efficiency and profitability, and a carefully refreshed appearance which meets highest aesthetic standards and yet respects the traditions of the house.

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