High-voltage quarantine area


Essential information for car dealerships

Electric cars (and that means both battery-electric and hybrid vehicles) can self-ignite rather spectacularly. The reason is often a damaged high-voltage battery. This kind of fire is very difficult to put out and will get extremely hot. As damaged high-voltage vehicles are becoming a frequent occurrence in car workshops, a suitable area must be designed where critical vehicles and batteries can be monitored in protected conditions. But what exactly does “suitable” mean? This topic is part of our regular consulting sessions regarding the charging infrastructure for car dealerships. Of course, we have all the answers.

As a matter of principle, car dealers must obey the regulations issued by the law, public authorities, insurances and of course, the vehicle manufacturers. Fire and accident prevention measures must be taken. Still, by planning smartly, car dealers can do a lot more to protect their customers and staff, support the rescue services, reduce the building damage to a minimum, and to prevent a toxic contamination of the environment.

We have compiled some useful information to aid you with your planning. Download our whitepaper (PDF file) here.


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