Perfect interface management


cotedo completes BMW Germany’s “EPoS” rollout

In March 2018, we are pleased to look back on a project of impressive dimensions: from the beginning of 2015 until the end of 2017, the “EPoS” concept was implemented in all German outlets of the BMW Group. cotedo played a major role in the project success - both the superordinate management and active parts of the process were in our hands.

The sales concept “Enhanced Point of Sales” (“EPoS”) of the BMW Group incorporates the current dealer equipment for BMW and MINI, as well as a new and interactive sales approach and digital ways of presenting the vehicles. With a streamlined process design, a stringent time management and an efficient implementation concept, cotedo successfully rolled out the concept in all BMW and MINI dealerships and BMW Group subsidiaries in Germany, in a total of 680 outlets.

Project leader Anna Hartl is happy: “The challenge in a rollout is to smoothly implement a project at a large number of locations simultaneously. The solution is an effective interface management. This is how we coordinated all 15 project partners. During the last three years, we have maintained just under 20,000 data sets and processed more than 2,000 orders. On top of that, we acted as central point of contact. The outlets sent us thousands of questions, all of which we were able to answer satisfactorily. This is also something we are proud of.”

We are glad that our project management skills made this success possible, and wish all the German BMW and MINI outlets best results with the new sales concept!


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