cotedo Q&A Manager - digital, mobile and trouble-free


On-site data acquisition, offline and yet straight into your database

Surveys and status recordings using paper, ink and a camera cause discontinuities and thus, transcription errors. In this digital day and age, they should be discarded altogether. With the iOS App “Q&A Manager”, cotedo has created a flexible, modern tool.

The intuitive Q & A Manager app makes audits, surveys and the collection of data easy, no matter what kind or scope. In offline mode, data can be collected without mobile internet access. No need to wait for endless uploads – simply transfer all data when you have a reliable internet connection.

A multitude of question formats, e.g. drop-down menus, free text and checkboxes, can be combined easily to support any kind of survey. During the data collection process, the user always keeps track of the current status. And should a surveyor be unsure about a question, they can always rely on the structured and discrete information stored in the app.

Project leader Sebastian Sachsinger is proud of the innovative photo documentation feature: “At any point during a survey, photos can be taken directly out of the app and stored along with the relevant question. This makes the documentation of, say, damages a lot easier.”

After completing the upload, results are issued immediately, either as individual reportings in the customer’s CI or as a cumulative Excel sheet, which forms the basis for any kind of digital analysis.


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