Reducing idle times increases car workshop profits


cotedo presents online tutorial at AUTOHAUS next

Non-productive car mechanics are expensive: “Every minute that a mechanic is idle costs 2 Euros”, explains cotedo aftersales expert Dennis Hartmann. Waiting and transit times should therefore be reduced to a minimum, e.g. by optimising the parts service. Our (German) online tutorial at AUTOHAUS next titled “Wartezeiten vermeiden und mehr Geld verdienen“ shows how minimising the waiting times helps workshops to make better profit.

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The mechanics order the necessary parts themselves, via an IT connection straight from their workplace. While the parts service picks the parts and delivers them to the workplaces, the mechanics can keep on working productively. Even when a workscope needs to be expanded unexpectedly, the procedure is a lot smoother because the service advisor speaks to the customer directly while the mechanic can concentrate on is proper job. This contributes to better workshop productivity and profitability.


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