Optimising the Parts service pays off!


Our clues for maximum earnings in journal AUTOHAUS

Our new guest article in the German journal AUTOHAUS, No. 8/2018, features the Parts service within the dealership, and its huge potentials. As usual, the witty piece sports numerous concrete ideas of how to put these into reality.

We would like to invite those responsible for the after-sales of their dealerships to rethink their ways: pre-picking parts is a good start. However, for maximum earnings the relevant parts should be delivered right to the workplaces where they are needed. This means the mechanics can keep on working productively – and that is the core service of any car workshop!

Dennis Hartmann, head of cotedo’s team Automotive Aftersales Consulting, takes another step: “Workshops with full-location storage systems ought to deliver the necessary special tools to the workbays, too. This reduces the search times of the productive staff, less workspace is used, and additional productivity is created.”

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