Remote auditing - keeping our distance


cotedo examines BMW dealerships over-the-air

Coronavirus makes orderly, safe travelling increasingly impossible. This is why cotedo has developed a digital audit format for the BMW Group Retail Standards 2018+. It works contactless and is easily implemented. The dealerships accept it happily – although a remote auditor will scrutinize them just as diligently.

For the last few weeks, cotedo has been auditing car dealerships and workshops in 11 European countries. “With conditions worsening everywhere, both cotedo and the BMW Group had considerable doubt whether extensive travelling is appropriate in times of a global pandemic. We needed a contactless audit,” explains Dennis Hartmann, who was responsible for the new format. It reverts to available means, requires little preparation and can be applied universally. Real-time interpreters help in case of communication problems.

Helmut Buchwald, auditor and consultant at cotedo, is proud: “By agreeing to our digital audit, BMW has expressed great trust in our competency. We prove that this trust is justified – by providing smooth remote audit results.”


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