Creating space in car workshops


cotedo reorganizes special tool storage

Many garages are bursting at the seams. Vehicles, equipment and special tools take up more and more space. cotedo provides a unique service to solve this problem – we transfer our customers’ special tools to their own parts storage. The two positive effects: more room in the workshop, and new and better structures which reduce the process costs.

While many mechanics work in rather cramped conditions, there is a good chance that there is space available in the parts storage. Therefore, transferring the special tools seems like an obvious solution. However, the dealerships lack the necessary capacity: often a dynamic storage system has to be introduced first, and the actual relocation process takes up valuable time, too.

This is where cotedo comes in, we take over fast and professionally. The dealership benefits in two ways: there is more space in the workshop, and the mechanics have more time do to productive work – which makes for a better economic outcome.

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