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cotedo is sharing know-how with Automotive Business students

On 10 April 2019, our automotive expert Dennis Hartmann is giving a presentation for Automotive Business students at the German university HfWU at Nürtingen-Geislingen. At the request of the industry guru Prof. Hannes Brachat, we get to present our vision of the “Workshop of the Future”: we explain how car dealerships can tap their full potential by embracing and capitalizing new technologies like electric mobility and digitalization.

Dennis Hartmann knows what he is talking about – he leads cotedo’s consulting team and thus can resort to a wealth of joint experience from over 10,000 consultations in car dealerships and garages in Germany and Europe. His credo: there is no need to fear change if you have your process costs under control!

The automotive industry needs well-trained professionals more than ever. In this spirit we thank Prof. Brachat for the invitation and are happy to share our valuable practical knowledge with our future associates.

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