Connection power – bottleneck for garage charging infrastructure


Too little available energy may result in high upgrading costs

Many car dealers miss an important detail when setting up their charging infrastructure – their available energy. If their connection power does not suffice, garages often bear huge expenses to improve the situation. Experts plan ahead to avoid these costs.

The connection power is a rare commodity: if a number of enterprises share the same power connection, the available wattage is reduced for each business. This seems obvious but is often neglected when it comes to extending the e-mobility network. Andreas Lemke, cotedo’s expert for charging infrastructure, agrees: “We sometimes receive desperate calls from car dealers who unexpectedly face six-digit figures for upgrading their connection.”

Good to know: this scenario can be prevented. While car dealers are generally well-advised to plan their charging infrastructure early, shortages might be detected at a later stage. In these cases our professional planners know ways and means to increase the connection power without causing high costs.

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