“You are amazing, my friend!”


This customer feedback is an accolade

What a statement! The director of a large car dealership said it to one of our consultants recently, just after our mission there had ended with an extraordinary success. Due to our coaching the client was able to record the best business year in his company history, in the teeth of all the challenges posed by the coronavirus. And although, luckily, positive feedback is not too rare for cotedo, a personal comment like this is by no means an ordinary occurrence for us.

Our consultant Michael Schloßbauer is touched: “Not only does this feedback tell me that our consulting concept has worked exceptionally well. We put our heart and soul into a project like this, and years of experience. Therefore this personal appraisal is very special, it conveys appreciation for both the consultant and the person, expressed by the entire staff. As a matter of fact, such a significant increase in profit can only be realized by the whole team. Naturally I’m thrilled, as once more our principle is confirmed: “It is not the cage that sings, but the bird!”


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