cotedo aftersales consulting yields measurable success


German BMW workshops increase parts sales by up to 23 %

Our new evaluation results are back, and they are very favourable indeed: due to our consulting activity, the German BMW service workshops are recording a noticeable increase of both their productivity and their return. The most influential factors are better labour and parts sales, and a drastic cut in process costs.

The German BMW dealerships see a distinct plus in labour as well as in parts sales. The top performers reach results of up to 23 % in both criteria. This is notable proof for the effectivity of our aftersales consulting, which does not draw opon key performance indicators but on the reality we actually see in the workshop. Our concept “Industrial Aftersales” bases itself on structures according to the car industry, which means shortening path and waiting times, and simplifying every-day processes. The result: lower process costs and calculable success.

cotedo’s expert Dennis Hartmann explains: “Our concept has proved its worth hundreds of times. Within a very short time after our analysis and consulting, the workshops see a noticeable increase of their aftersales turnover and return. At the same time, they fulfill 100 % of the Retail Standards specified by BMW. This steps up their work quality, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction.”

We congratulate the dealers on their remarkable results and are glad that our consulting supported their success.


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