cotedo Car Dealership Solutions

We provide advice on both existing dealerships and new constructions or conversions, and specific car dealership expertise for industry, investors and architects. Our principle is sustainability: economically, socially and ecologically. Functional structures, equipment and processes are essential for this aim. With our network of professional partners, we always find the optimal solution – even in challenging environments such as electromobility.

Quality Assurance and Auditing

By publishing sales and service standards, OEMs establish a set of rules that is valid for all partners. We support these rules with our practical knowledge – from standard development to implementation and review. Together, we develop suitable audit formats: remote or on-site, spot check or full-scale, in German or in foreign languages. With our optional format "Audit & Advice" we add well-founded solutions to our skilled auditing process.

Potential, Coaching and Training

Process and structural costs, new technologies, the transformation of the automotive industry: extraordinary challenges require strong partners. This is true for individual car dealerships as well as for the entire industry. We analyse structures and dependencies, uncover potentials and risks, and create knowledge and understanding. If necessary, we develop comprehensive support programs to boost performance and economic growth.

Technical Communication

Conveying complex content in a comprehensible way is the main task of technical communication. We develop manuals, guidelines and presentations. Drawings, 3D renderings, infographics, photos and moving images make abstract things vivid. We combine text and image editing, layout and translation management with stringent project management to ensure smooth processes and adherence to time and budget targets.